New Firmware for X6100

There’s a new person building onto Oleg’s R1CBU firmware. He first made a patch TGZ available, and then an entire image.

He has a repo for this work, and it includes some build instructions which reference the buildroot and submodules. I think I’m close to being able to build it, but I’m seeing some errors trying to find the xkbcommon headers.

I did patch his source with my DB changes. I built the DB: sqlite3 params.db < params.sql, mounted the DATA partition, and copied my custom params.db to it.

It’s looking nice so far. I can use flrig and have wsjtx and fldigi both talk to it simultaneously. That’s the main improvement in my mind, but it includes some other fixes:

  • volume encoder can be spun quickly now
  • smoothing of the TX/SWR graphs
  • finer detail in the waterfall

Aubs Firmware

I’m trying out the Aubs 00.07 firmware on my Quansheng radios. It’s based on the latest egzumer, and so far has kept up-to-date, and it has its own plugin for Chirp.

It has some really cool features for scanning:

  • scan on start, a feature I requested of egzumer, but was denied by egzumer.
  • 10 scan lists. I organized mine as:
    • 1 = local repeaters and popular simplex
    • 2 = all simplex, Ham and GMRS
    • 3 = non-local repeaters and other listening
    • 4 = satellites
  • press * to lockout a frequency from scan.
  • fast scan like egzumer
  • frequency spectrum analyzer, but no memory spectrum analyzer like nunu.

This is my daily driver now on both my radios.