Spin 30m

I spun the dial below the 30m ham band at the end of the night, and I caught all kinds of interesting broadcast (31m) and HF air traffic.

30m  swl  hf 


I was using the horizontal dipole from the RTL-SDR v3 kit, fully-extended. I saw some good gray-line propagation into Asia.

  • China
    • 17605khz in Indonesian
    • 17530khz in Vietnamese
  • Taiwan
    • 15970khz Chinese
    • 15340khz Chinese
  • Australia
    • 15460 Japanese and English - Reach Beyond Australia (HCJB)
  • Philipines
    • 15250khz Chinese - Voice of America
  • Cuba
    • 15140khz

SW Broadcast

I heard around 31m band (9700khz):

  • Romania
  • Cairo
  • France
  • Turkye


  • 11620khz Romania
  • 11850khz Kuwait
  • 13590 Algeria
  • 13790 Algeria