ISS Repeater

The ISS passed at 8:55am EDT at 49 degrees. My vertical 1/4-wave ground plane antenna in the tree picked it up really well. I copied a handful of callsigns pretty easily:

  • KO4PDI - FL
  • KC4Y - AL
  • K4MMD - FL
  • N5ACR - MD
  • KC4YMT - GA
  • KC3MM - SC
  • K3DMM - PA, Harrisburg

I confirmed hearing K3DMM on the Morning Grind round table (K3IR) a few minutes later that morning.

iss  vhf 

VHF Reception

Reception Problems

During 985 net on Monday night, which is VHF on my UV-K5 running egzumer 0.22.0, I’d get periodic static in reception. It got bad enough to completely cut-out. I was using my simple wire dipole hanging in the tree outside.

K3IR had been frustratingly quiet as well, so I checked the antenna with the NanoVNA as it hung outside. There were no fluctuations in SWR, so it’s not connections or proximity.

I tried the Explorer QRZ-1 HT, and it sounded great on the same antenna on the same net. Is my UV-K5 broken?

To test a bit further, I ordered a new UV-K6 to compare. I also downgraded to egzumer 0.21.0 for further testing.

The next day, Tuesday morning, K3IR was sounding better, but I was getting the same periodic noises. The outside antenna doesn’t completely cut out, but shows terrible doubling/overload as if from FM station.

Inside, the magmount antenna on the 3d printer is better. Is the dipole outside too sensitive and bringing in more signal than the frontend of the UV-K5 can handle?